Benefits of self love.

We all crave for love .We seek love from our family members, close friends and loved ones. We become sad if they don’t love us back. Is this the true essence of love? Love is not just a feeling or emotion. Love is the language of the universe. The true essence of love is deep within the soul of each one of us. We forget about this and end up searching frantically for the love, which is already within us. We all have the love, the love of God, the light of love within us. We realize this only when we start to love our self.
Develop self confidence:
Self love is the building block of self esteem and self confidence. A person who doesn’t love himself allows others to walk over them. They don’t realize who they really are and will always remain a victim. When you love yourself you will be able to stand up for yourself and for others.
Develop self belief:
When you love yourself you will realize your true power. When you realize your power you will believe in yourself. When you believe in yourself you will find courage to pursue your dreams.
Reduce stress:
Unconditional love reduces stress. Love is not something to be given in exchange for something .It is to be lived. How many times we have tried to please others expecting to get love in exchange? Is this true love? This will always cause stress. Expectation is the root of worries and stress.
When we give something expecting to get back something and when we fail to get it back we are frustrated.
Look at the trees around us they bear fruits, not for them but for the birds animals and us. They don’t expect to get anything back. That is unconditional love.
When we love our self and accept ourselves unconditionally. We are ready to accept our strengths and weakness. We no longer feel the fear to face this world and people around us. When we choose love over fear we become stress free.
Makes us happier:
When we love our self we let go of all negative emotions like hatred, jealousy, anger, fear and anxiety. We also keep away from people and habits that are harmful to us. We stop doing things that are harmful to us.
We will find time to do things that make us happy.
Feel more grateful:
Loving yourself is equal to loving God. By loving our self we are expressing our gratitude to our creator. When we love our self we feel worthy of our self and be thankful to god for all our blessings.

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