How to manifest money using the law of attraction? –Part II

1.Removing limiting beliefs:
Many people fail to manifest money because of their limiting believes. We all have many negative believes about money that we got from our parents or our society. Many people complain about law of attraction not working for them to manifest money. How can you attract money when you believe that money is evil?
Think of money as a good thing, a gift from God. Replace your negative beliefs with all the good stuffs you can do with money. Money helps you buy food, new clothes, better education, support our family. Once you remove all the blocking and self limiting believes about money, using positive affirmations and new positive beliefs you will start manifesting more money into your life.
2. Set your financial goals:
Make a clear decision about how much money you desire to manifest and write it down. You can also make weekly, monthly and yearly goals. Write down the exact amount of money you will like to receive.
3. Set your intention:
Once you set your goal, write below it what you wish to do with the amount of money you are manifesting .Write down the reason for you to manifest the money.
For instance: you can write-I am using the money to travel or Iam using the money to buy my dream house or I a m using this money to help someone.
4. Emotionalize your goals:
Try to identify your emotion once you have manifested the amount of money you desired. How will you feel? Will you feel happy or excited? Will you dance or jump or run around your house or celebrate with your friends?
5. Act as if (creative visualization):
Once you identify your feelings and emotions start thinking of yourself as a rich person. Imagine, how you will dress? What type of house you will be living? What type of car you are driving?
6. Gratitude:
You can be grateful in advance for the money you are going to receive. Gratitude in advance is the most powerful creative force in this universe.
7. Give to receive:
Give money to receive money. When you give money, you are sending a message to the universe that you have more than enough money. When you give, give from your heart without any expectation .then only it is real giving. When you give while expecting to get it back, it is not true giving.


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