How to manifest money using the law of attraction?

Everything in the universe is energy. We are energy, money is energy. We all need money to lead a comfortable life. If we have more money we can travel, buy our dream car or build our dream house. You will attract more money if you follow these steps:
Remove your limiting belief:
Do you believe that making money is difficult? Do you believe that you have to work hard to earn more money? According to law of attraction we attract into our life what we believe. So if you believe making money is difficult you will find yourself facing difficulty in making money.
In order to attract money you have to first of all remove these blocking beliefs. You will not attract money until you remove these believes. The first step to attracting money is creating the right mindset.

How to create the perfect money mindset?

1.Positive affirmations:
Do these affirmations on a daily basis. Write it down every day and practice until it is your new belief.
Making money is easy.
Money flows to me effortlessly and easily.
I am a money magnet.
I am attracting money.
I am receiving money.
I am grateful for all the money that I already have and all the money that I receive now.
I have more than enough money.
I am a person who always has money in my life.
2. Change from want to have:
When you are wanting money, your lack of money is increasing. You are sending a negative message to the universe. So change from I want to I have money to attract more money.
3. Gratitude:
Feel grateful for the money you have in your life right now. When you feel grateful you are raising your vibration of abundance and you will be blessed with more abundance.


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