How to overcome negativity using the Law of Attraction?

We all come across negative situations and people almost every day in our life. We allow these situations and people to control our thoughts. How can we master our thoughts to overcome these situations?


Always try to find something good in each and every situation.  Let’s take the examples of a fly and a bee. A fly always search for garbage and waste where ever it goes, but what about the bee. The bee will go in search of pure honey. It won’t stop until it finds the honey. So always be the bee not a fly. So keep looking for good in every situation.

So whenever you find yourself in a negative situation try to do this:

  1. Relax: Close your eyes and take a deep breath
  2. Ask yourself the following questions:
  3. a) Are you directly or indirectly responsible for this situation?
  4. b) Is there something you can do about the situation?

If there is nothing that you can do about it, then what is the use of thinking over and over about it?

Everything happens for a reason. Remember, for every problem there is a solution. It is not your job to find a solution for every problem. Everything in our life happens as per the law of universe. Sit back and relax .Let the universe handle it for you.

  1. What To do if someone hurt you?

When someone scold you or try to put you in bad light, what will you feel? You feel disappointed, right? But you can try handling this with a different approach. Forgive them. Because forgiveness is a divine.

When someone hurt you, say in your mind, I love them and I forgive them. This helps you in a great extend to release your negative feelings and emotions.

  1. How to overcome Jealousy?

What is the first emotion that comes to your mind when you hear about someone’s success? How do you feel when you hear that your neighbor won a lottery or your friend made money through a new business?

Are you feeling happy or jealous? When you feel jealous your vibration is getting low. Try replacing your jealousy with appreciation. Appreciate everything.

When you hear that your neighbor won a lottery congratulate them for their success. When you do this you are automatically raising your vibration.

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