How to empower yourself using the law of attraction?

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1. Love yourself:
Do you believe that loving yourself is sin? Then you are wrong. It is only when you start loving yourself that you can love others more. The first step to empower yourself is to love you. Never stop from loving yourself because you deserve to be loved, not only by others but also by you. Realize that the love you seek was always there buried deep within your heart. You will get to know it once you find time to love yourself.
2. Make yourself comfortable with who you are:
Remember we all are special, created in the mirror image of God. No matter what others think, do or say about you. Always know and think of yourself as the best creation of god. Think of your strengths and weaknesses. Never be hesitant to know and accept your weaknesses, because they are actually blessings in disguise.
3. Never give up on yourself:
You are the creator of your life. You should never give up on two things in your life.
1. Yourself
2. Your dreams
4. Build your own boundaries:
Make yourself invisible from these four categories of people:
1. People who don’t value you.
2. People who don’t love you.
3. People who always gossips.
4. People who always complain.
5. Stop feeling guilty:
It is okay to make mistake .We are all humans. It is human to make a mistake. But, instead of putting all the blame on yourself you should let go of your mistakes. It is okay to feel guilty for a fraction of a second or an hour or a day or two. But, what if you are carrying the burden of your past mistakes your entire life?
6. Learn to say no:
Learn to stand up for yourself. You are never a victim unless you choose to be. You always have the power to say no. You are the one to teach others how to treat you.


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