How to manifest effectively using “The Law of attraction.”

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1. Like attract like: Always remember we simply attract what we desire , not what we want.Want simply means we don’t have it .So lack is increasing .Change from I want to I have or I desire to have .This is the first step towards attracting anything we desire by communicating with the universe using law of attraction.

2. Remove your blocks/limiting believes-Before you start communicating with universe, you should clear your mind of all negative thoughts and things that are holding you back from achieving your goals. As children we all were given some messages about our career, finances or relationships by our parents or other adults .Once you clear your negative believes your vibrations begin to rise.

3. Be clear and concise about your goals: When you communicate with universe you should have a clear picture about your desire. What type of car you desire? What color? Which job you desire? Amount of money you desire. Be specific about your goals. Write it down daily until it becomes a part of you. Get a clear picture of your intention and write them down.

3. Creative visualization: Visualize your dreams every day. If your desire is for a particular job  visualize about your dream career ,visualize yourself going to the job every day, getting dressed, working in that office or company getting paid, receiving your salary in your bank account..  

4. Emotionalize your goals: Identify why you desire to manifest your goals? Why you desire to have that particular car? Money or house? Think about your feeling when you manifest your desire, is it because it makes you feel successful or make you feel prosperous, or maybe you can travel safely. Identify your emotion and feel that emotion every time you think about your desire. Feel excited about your goal, act as if you already achieved your goal, and feel happy.

Once you identify your feeling or emotion for achieving the goal then show your emotion as if you already achieved your goal.

5. Expressing gratitude: express thanks to god/universe for already achieving your goal, say I am thankful for my dream job, or dream car/house whatever your desire is ,as if  it already happened, am thankful for my dream car………………

6. Acknowledge what you received: Whenever your manifestation comes true celebrate. Small wins are the first step to your bigger manifestations that you are going to receive. If you want to continue manifesting your goals have faith in this universe, keep your heart and eyes open to the smallest signs from the universe.

7. Stay positive: Believe in yourself. You are attracting to you what you put into the universe. It is important to stay positive, keep your thoughts positive and your vibrations high if you want to manifest your desire. Limit negative self talk, negative conversations and negative people from your lif

8. Keep faith: Keep believing in the universe even if you are not getting the desires or the signs you are getting is opposite. Sometimes things will seem to get worse before your manifestations come true, keep faith and never give up.

9. Letting it go:

The step where most of the people fail with law of attraction is here. You should let go of your expectations about how your desire is going to manifest and create space for new things to come into your life. The universe doesn’t like when you keep expecting how your desire is going to manifest. It means you are not trusting the universe in the process of manifestation.



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