How to manifest effectively using the Law of Attraction?


Creating a positive mindset:

Law of attraction is always working in our life whether we like it or not. The life we live now is the creation of our thoughts. We attract what we are and not what we want.

If we wish to attract good things we must keep our thoughts positive. It is important to develop positive mindset for making the Law of Attraction work in your favor.

Today I  share with you some useful tips that help you to stay positive all day long. You can use these daily to raise your vibrations to attract good and positive things in your life.

  1. Love yourself:

Everyday find some time to love and pamper you. When we start loving our self our vibration will automatically raise.  Love is the language of the universe. Before going to sleep say in your mind I love myself. Thank God for teaching me to love myself.


2. Forgiveness:

When we forgive those who hurt us we are automatically raising our vibration. When you feel that somebody hurt you, say in your mind: I forgive them and I love them.

When we make a mistake instead of blaming our self say in your mind I forgive myself and I love myself.


  1. Stop comparing:

Never compare yourself with others because each one of us is unique. When we compare ourselves with others we are not feeling worthy of ourselves. When we are not worthy of ourselves, how we can be a worth to others?


  1. Random act of kindness:

Do something nice every day.  You can help an old lady to cross the road. Donate the things you no longer use to someone who need it.

Give money to charity, but it is not always necessary to donate to charity.

What I do most of the days is to prepare some food and give to a person who is hungry.

You can also feed your pets or water your plants.

  1. Spend time in nature:

When we take a walk enjoying the beauty of the nature, watching the birds flying in the sky, enjoying cold breeze flowing, and appreciate the little things around us we are creating positive vibration.

6. Listen to something  inspirational: You can listen to some inspirational podcast on you tube  or read an inspirational book .Find time to motivate yourself.

7. Develop an attitude of gratitude: feel grateful for all the things you already have in your life. Once you are grateful for everything, you will attract more into your life. Keep writing your gratitude journal.

8. Listen to music : listen to your favorite music.Listening to 528 Hz frequency music is shown to have positive effect on our mind. It activates our creativity and help us to stay positive.

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