The Law Of Attraction

The Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction is a law of the Universe like the law of gravity. We create our reality. We can have anything we desire using The Law of Attraction.

We are energy. God is energy- the infinite source energy, the Universe is energy. Air is energy, water is energy, fire is energy and money is energy. The car we drive is also energy.

We can attract anything we desire in our life using this law. Everything in this universe is energy including our thoughts. Our thoughts creates believes and those believes creates our reality.

Everything we have or like to have is already here. The only difference is the frequency of vibration. It will come to us only when our vibration matches with the vibration of the thing that we desire to attract


Power of your thoughts:

Our thoughts determine our reality. So change your thoughts today to change your life using Law of Attraction. Our thoughts become our belief; so think about what you desire to have in your life? Or how you desire your life to be? When you keep thinking about what you desire in your life it will become your belief and this belief becomes your reality.




Positive thoughts-Positive emotions-Positive actions –Positive outcome

When we are happy, our energy is high. When we experiences positive emotions like happiness, kindness, confidence, generosity, blissfulness and love we are in a higher energy or higher vibration state. So we attract more of these things into our life. More good and positive things are attracted to us as if we are a magnet.

Negative thoughts-Negative emotions-Negative actions –Negative outcome


When we are sick or sad we are in lower energy state and our vibration is low. We don’t feel like doing anything, this is because our energy is low. When we are experiencing lower or negative feelings like- anger, shame, anxiety, fear, jealousy we attract more of it into our life.

Power of belief


What we believe is what we attract. Our thoughts are energy vibration which becomes believes and determine our feelings and emotions.

All of our desires are right here in this Universe. We attract prosperity when we believe – it is natural to have prosperity. We attract success when we believe it is natural to have success. We attract abundance, health and happiness when we believe we already have it all in our life right now.

Once we believe that -Money, wealth, abundance and prosperity are our divine birth right –we will start attracting it into our life.

What do you believe about money? Do you believe money is good? Do you believe it is hard to make money? Do you believe you should work hard in order to earn money? If you believe money is good you will attract more money.

Like attracts like

Happiness attracts happiness, fear attract fear and vice versa. When the energy of our thoughts matches with energy of money we attract money. Our thoughts about money lead to our belief about money. When the energy of our thoughts matches with the energy of our desire we attract it into our life.

You simply attract what you are and not what you want. Want simply means we don’t have it right now. Your want is sending a message to the universe that you don’t have it right now in your life so your want will go on increasing. So change from I want to- I have or- I desire to have.

Power of gratitude:

Gratitude in advance is one of the most important creative forces in this universe. Once we start being grateful for what we already have in our life we attract more of it to us.

If you desire to have money then stay grateful for the money you already have. Then more money will be attracted to you.

Instead of simply wanting something; believe that you already have it in your life right now and stay grateful in advance in order to have it in your life for real.

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  2. very well written article and well said advice. I have experienced what you speak about in my own life to. keep up the good work!

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